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OptimumCache – File System Cache

OptimumCache is a file caching system developed by CloudLinux and it’s free to install and use for all those who have Cloud Linux running on their servers and have a paid license.

Most of the hosting servers run a lot of web sites based on WordPress, Joomla, Presta Shop and other popular software. This usually represents as hundreds of duplicate files that are constantly being read into file cache – both wasting precious disk IO operations as well as server memory. OptimumCache creates a cache of such duplicate files. If a duplicate of an already loaded file is requested, the file gets loaded from the file system cache. This operation is useful because this way, the system bypasses disk IO which drmatically improves the speed of reading that file while lowering the load and read operations on the hard disc.

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For now it is in Beta stage but as far as I could tell, it is working just fine. It’s really easy to install and configure. Please follow the steps bellow to install Optimum Cache (you have to be logged in as root on your linux server console or on ssh):

After install, the optimumcache service is started automatically and a cache partition (/var/cache/optimumcache) of 5Gb is created on your hard disc.

To enable the cache partition:
# occtl --init-ploop

To disable the cache partition:
# occtl --disable-ploop

To resize the cache partion (make it of 10G instead of 5G default):
# occtl --resize-ploop [new size[KMGT]]

To delete the cache partition:
# occtl --delete-ploop

In order to use the file caching system you have to mark user’s directories for caching. This can be achived by issuing the following command:
on cPanel servers:
# optimumcache mark --recursive /home

on Plesk servers:
# optimumcache mark --recursive /var/www/vhosts

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